Key and Key Set Management

The JWK and JWKSet objects are provided by the web-token/jwt-core component. We recommend you to load these objects through environment variables.

With Symfony 3.4 or 4.0+, an environment variables processor is provided:

    my_private_key: '%env(jwk:MY_PRIVATE_KEY)%'
    my_public_keyset: '%env(jwkset:MY_PUBLIC_KEYSET)%'

With the previous configuration, the environment variables MY_PRIVATE_KEY and MY_PUBLIC_KEYSET will be processed by Symfony and the container will contain the my_private_key and my_public_keyset with JWK and JWKSet objects respectively.

But it may not be sufficient for your project. You may need to load keys or key sets from other sources (e.g. key file) You may also want to use your keys as a container services you inject to other services.

This behaviour is possible by installing the web-token/jwt-key-mgmt component. To install it, just execute the following command line:

composer require web-token/jwt-key-mgmt

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