Symfony Bundle

This framework provides a Symfony bundle that will help you to use the components within your Symfony application.

With Symfony Flex

Since the version 3.0, Symfony Flex recipes are provided through a dedicated repository. It is mandatory to add this repository before installing the bundle.

tra.symfony.endpoint '["", "flex://defaults"]'
    "extra": {
        "symfony": {
            "endpoint": [

Then, you can install the bundle or the complete framework:

composer require web-token/jwt-bundle #Will only install the bundle
composer require web-token/jwt-framework # Will install the whole framework (not recommended)

As the recipes are third party ones not officially supported by Symfony, you will be asked to execute the recipe or not. When applied, the recipes will prompt a message such as Web Token Framework is ready.

Without Symfony Flex

If you don't use Symfony Flex, you must register the bundle manually.


return [
    Jose\Bundle\JoseFramework\JoseFrameworkBundle::class => ['all' => true],

Bundle Features

The bundle capabilities will depend on the components installed in your application.