Header Checker Migration

The header checker manager is part of the checker component (web-token/jwt-checker).

spomky-labs/jose and this framework works a similar way thus migration is very easy. The main differences are:

  • There are two managers: one for the claims, one for the headers.
  • The manager needs at least one Token Support handler.

You will find JWS and JWE Token Supports in the web-token/jwt-signature and web-token/jwt-encryption components respectively.

Checkers must implement the Jose\Component\Checker\HeaderChecker interface.



use Jose\Checker\CheckerManager;
use Jose\Checker\AudienceChecker;
use Jose\Checker\CriticalHeaderChecker;

$checkerManager = new CheckerManager();
$checkerManager->addHeaderChecker(new AudienceChecker('My Server'));
$checkerManager->addHeaderChecker(new CriticalHeaderChecker());

$checkerManager->checkJWS($jws, $signature_index);



use Jose\Component\Checker\AudienceChecker;
use Jose\Component\Checker\HeaderCheckerManager;
use Jose\Component\Signature\JWSTokenSupport;

$checkerManager = new HeaderCheckerManager();
$checkerManager->add(new AudienceChecker('My Service'));
$checkerManager->addTokenTypeSupport(new TokenSupport());

Please note that the header crit is always checked.

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