Signature Algorithms

Last updated 5 months ago

This framework comes with several signature algorithms. These algorithms are in the following namespace: Jose\Component\Signature\Algorithm.

From v1.2, the algorithms have their own sub-packages. To avoid BC breaks, these packages are automatically installed for all v1.x of the framework. Starting at v2.0, you will have to explicitly install the algorithm packages you need.

  • HMAC with SHA-2 Functions. Package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-hmac

    • HS256

    • HS384

    • HS512

  • Elliptic Curve Digital Signature Algorithm (ECDSA). Package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-ecdsa

    • ES256

    • ES384

    • ES512

  • RSASSA-PKCS1 v1_5. Package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-rsa

    • RS256

    • RS384

    • RS512

  • RSASSA-PSS. Package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-rsa

    • PS256

    • PS384

    • PS512

  • Edwards-curve Digital Signature Algorithm (EdDSA) Package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-eddsa

    • EdDSA (only with the Ed25519 curve)

  • Unsecured algorithm Package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-none

    • none

The following signature algorithms are experimental and must not be used in production unless you know what you are doing. They are proposed for testing purpose only.

They are all part of the package web-token/jwt-signature-algorithm-experimental

  • RS1: RSASSA-PKCS1 v1_5 with SHA-1 hashing function.

  • HS1: HMAC with SHA-1 hashing function.

How To Use

These algorithms have to be used with the Algorithm Manager. They do not need any arguments.


use Jose\Component\Core\AlgorithmManager;
use Jose\Component\Signature\Algorithm\PS256;
use Jose\Component\Signature\Algorithm\ES512;
use Jose\Component\Signature\Algorithm\None;
$algorithm_manager = AlgorithmManager::create([
new PS256(),
new ES512(),
new None(),