Signed Token Verification

JWS Verifier Factory Service

A JWSVerifierFactory is available as a service in your application container:

use Jose\Component\Signature\JWSVerifierFactory;

$jwsVerifierFactory = $container->get(JWSVerifierFactory::class);

With this factory, you will be able to create the JWSVerifier you need:

$jwsVerifier = $jwsVerifierFactory->create(['HS256']);

You can now use the JWSVerifier as explained in the JWS Creation section.

Reminder: it is important to check the token headers. See the checker section of this documentation.

JWS Verifier As Service

There is also another way to create a JWSVerifier object: using the bundle configuration.

                signature_algorithms: ['HS256', 'RS256', 'ES256']
                is_public: true

With the previous configuration, the bundle will create a public JWS Verifier service named jose.jws_verifier.verifier1 with selected signature algorithms.

$jwsVerifier = $container->get('jose.jws_verifier.verifier1');

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